Friday, 14 December 2012

Baby Love?

Today was an insightful day. I was invited in to the world of the 'adult baby' courtesy of Channel 4's The 15 Stone Babies. Now this type of thing is not something i tend to come across in day-to-day life, so it was no surprise that when C4's casual advertising campaign for the show caught my eyes a few days previous, I knew I was going to make sure I allocated some time to tune in. It took me all of about ten minutes to realize that the world of the 'adult baby' is a rather uniquely strange and puzzling thing. Albeit slightly perverse.

As much as I was fascinated at what I was seeing, I couldn't shift that niggling feeling in the back of my brain that was giving it, "let's be serious for a minute, this isn't really on, this is a bit fucking weird", and the show did little to help it's cause. One middle aged chap, sporting one of those 'i'm a serial killer in not so covert disguise' bushy beards that you see Frankie Boyle rocking every now and then, actively encouraging his twenty seven year old girlfriend, who happens to enjoy behaving as a six year old girl, to act "a bit younger". In my opinion, that's probably too young as it is mate, should probably let that one go, move on, have a shave or something, I'll lend you my razor if you want, it's a branded one too; King of Shaves.

Ultimately I didn't feel like i gained anything from the show, perhaps apart from the new found knowledge of a topic that I'd have quite frankly rather not known about in the first place. Anyway, cheers for that insider. Who knows, maybe one day it'll be my 'thing'. But then again, I do highly, highly doubt that.

(p.s. if it is your 'thing', i mean no offence...probably)

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  1. Back on the TV wroiting ting. Ooooooooshski