Monday, 21 May 2012

'Killing' Some Time

Now we might not be aware, or we might be, i don't know, that Jordan's favourite television show at the moment is The Killing US. After watching the first series with awe last year, I could not wait for the second series to begin airing again and luckily for me, it did just that on Channel 4 a couple of weeks ago.

To those who have no idea what the show is about, it's the American adaptation of the Danish series 'Forbrydelsen' which is shown in the UK on BBC2 I believe and it pretty much follows the same guidelines, just with a few name changes to suit the general Western public and I think it's fucking fantastic.

In a nutshell, a young girl named Rosie Larsen get's murdered and is found gagged and bound in the trunk of a car thus leading on to the police investigation which the show is based on, throw in a few red herrings, some dodgy cops, political mind games, some Native Americans (obviously) and a first season cliffhanger that had me on the edge of my seat and boom, there you have it.

The Killing US is broadcast in America on the AMC channel and those of you who like your American drama's will know that this is the same channel which airs Mad Men, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad so you can see why it might be rather good. It's better than The Walking Dead, probably better than Breaking Bad and definitely on a par, if not just below, Mad Men. But come on, Mad Men is fucking brilliant TV.

Now as much as I like watching it on Channel 4, I just could not help myself and found myself sitting in bed one day, streaming the shit out of the second series so I am now up to date with the antics as if i was living in America, and apparently we find out the 'killer' this series so you know, it's not all bad.

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