Monday, 21 May 2012


Now I am a big fan of documentaries and in particular Channel 4 documentaries, so when I saw Channel 4's new foray in to the documentary market, 'The Undateables' I thought to myself, yeah alright i'll give that a go. Low and behold, I'm sat here on a Tuesday evening, watching several human beings of which Channel 4 deem 'undateable' presumably because of the disabilities they each possess.

Now i'm not one to mock the inflicted, or laugh at people with disabilities, but whilst watching this show, you can't help but have a little chuckle to yourself. With them, not at them, I'd like to add. Although to be fair, the guy with Aspergers is fucking hilarious and the lad with Tourettes is a fucking stand up comedian so you know.

I've noticed recently that the TV is throwing a lot more disabled people at me as i sit down with my bag of crisps and indulge in my one of my small list of things i love to do. The others being drugs and bitches. A har har.

The diversity currently being explored by television channels comes at a time when equality on TV has somewhat reached it's peak with disabled TV presenters, like that woman from CBBC who's got half an arm and quite frankly I'm all for it, I think it's good that children can grow up seeing people with disabilities on TV to try and put a halt to them pointing in the street, as much as I don't think that'll stop, children are rather quite inquisitive, but I for one am all for it.

Over and out.

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