Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Eggs Benedict

I've been pleasantly surprised recently by the calibre of movies that have presented themselves to me on free-to-view television. Last night I watched the utterly brilliant A Clockwork Orange courtesy of ITV4 and like most Kubrick films I sat in awe at the pure genius of his creation. Tonight, the glorious Starter for 10 is on BBC2 and low and behold the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch pops up brilliantly portraying the films comedic antagonist, Patrick Watts.


Now I've not been a fan of the rather odd looking, yet strikingly handsome, Mr Cumberbatch for long, but ever since I sat down on New Years Eve to watch Sherlock, I cannot get enough. Seeing as Sherlock is created by Steven Moffat, the guy behind Doctor Who, and occasional Doc Who collaborator Mark Gattiss (who plays University Challenge's original host, Bamber Gascoigne, in Starter for 10 actually) I thought, "It can't be that fucking bad can it?" and it wasn't, thank God.

As you'd expect from a good British film, you see many faces you've most probably seen before, Benedict Cumberbatch being one. As well as him, there's Steve from Shameless, Smithy from Gavin & Stacey and the un-funny, Catherine Tate.

I've run out of things to say, probably something to do with me being rather quite lean, so I'm gunna leave it there.

Yeah, and what if I'm proper craving watching Sherlock? Suck ya mum.

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