Friday, 16 March 2012

The Power Of Advertising

Well I was sat watching the television the other day, as you'd expect from me I'm sure, and I noticed a couple of things. Not only do some adverts fuck me off to a point of pressing a revolver against the side of my head and slowly pulling the trigger back to sufficiently cover my bedroom wall with a mixture of blood, brain and particles of hair. But, they also show these audacious adverts quite a few times within the space of a few hours.

He's only a tenor. 
Now I can see why advertisers would do this, I mean repetition is the key to getting people to remember things and surely that's what an advertiser would aim towards, but when you have someone as annoying as this cocky little cherub on your screen how can you not want to just pull those strands of hair he calls a moustache and wind it round his chubby little neck?

O2: Things are changing, apparently. 
One other thing that annoys me about television adverts are adverts that don't really advertise what they're supposed to and pretend to be some sort of 'avant-garde' production that inspires or motivates the viewer. This is true of this lovely lady who sings about her 'little boxes' whilst flitting through a field like a butterfly on a summers day annoying the fuck out of the Smith family who are on their annual picnic and don't want to hear about her little fucking boxes. You can thank O2 for that lovely piece of cinematography.

But that's enough of that, I can't be bothered to write any more so you can all watch this brilliant collection of Tango adverts. You know when you've been...ah fuck it.

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