Friday, 2 March 2012


As I sit here on this glorious Friday evening, I'm given the best selection of television that one could hope for. BBC1 offers me EastEnders, ITV1 offers me Coronation Street and the eternal Come Dine With Me presents itself on Channel 4. Despite this however, I've opted for the marvelous Mastermind courtesy of the Beebs slightly more sophisticated sister channel, BBC2.

Hosted by the enigmatic and ever long John Humphrys, I find my self enthralled by the topics of 'Porridge', 'Queen Victoria's family' and 'the Golfing Stories of PG Wodehouse' of which I know fuck all about, but I'm here for the general knowledge round, that's my time to shine. Albeit alone, on my own, in the solitude of my own room.

Being a rather large fan of the 'quiz show' I find Mastermind to be the Premier League of television quiz shows compared to say Weakest Link and Pointless which can only be described as Blue Square Premier at best. Arguably, the best thing about Mastermind is that with just a 30 minute slot, you don't have to sit around with your finger up your arse, waiting for some Anne Robinson wannabe to blab on about some bullshit you don't care about. It's just straight up question after question after motherfucking question. The way it should be.

Anyway, the next installment of one of my favourite quiz shows has now forced its way on to my tv so I'm gunna go watch that shit.

Oh, and who wouldn't want a great glass bowl as a prize. Classic Mastermind.

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