Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thursday Nights, Channel Five

I like football, and I like TV. So it stands to reason, that I should like football on TV, and I do like football on TV. I just don't like football on ITV.

Every time I settle down to watch football on ITV, I approach the situation with the same sort of apprehension one would approach, say, an oncologist. We all know what we're there for, but we don't particularly want to hear what they've got to say.

The root of the problem for ITV lies within the commentators they've hired to oversee such fixtures. Clive Tyldesley and Peter Drury more often than not chat a huge amount of shit, totally irrelevant to the match at hand. Without fail, referring to Manchester United, and more in particular they're failures in the Champions League, whether they're playing or not.

Now, when Manchester United were knocked out of this season Champions League campaign to the hands of the mightily impressive FC Basel and to an extent SL Benfica, I for one was heartbroken, for the first time in 5 years, my beloved United would not be involved in the Champions League past the group stages. But after the initial shock settled, I realised we should relish this opportunity and prove that we could still be the best in Europe, albeit through winning the lesser appreciated, Europa League.

'Thursday Nights, Channel 5' was a chant I used to use for the dirty scousers a few years back, but now having to eat my words, I've realised it's not all that bad.

I mean this way, I get to watch all of the Champions League football from a neutral perspective and appreciate said football as well as supporting my team from the comfort of my bed thanks to Channel 5's somewhat more bearable coverage and commentary.

So thank you Graham Taylor and Dave Woods. Although I don't really know who you are, I do know, you're better at commentating than those mugs over at ITV.

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  1. Wahey Europa league!!! The blues are through to the quarters of the real comp! Ooooooh!